Yahoo! Telecommuting Ban Bad for Business

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Yahoo’s just announced edict that it will no longer allow employees to telecommute is bad for its business and a reversal of recent trends making it easier for families to balance work/life demands. It’s a strange policy change for a technology company from Silicon Valley. It is estimated that 1 in 10 Americans do some form of telecommuting, and it is recognized as a good business practice by many forward thinking companies.

In addition, the policy change may be unlawful under the Americans with Disabilities Act if it applies to persons with disabilities. Under the ADA, companies – even Yahoo – must “reasonably accommodate” employees’ disabilities. In some cases, telecommuting is the most reasonable accommodation for employees who are unable to work at a specific location due to a disability.

After deciding to put more pressure on working families, let’s hope Yahoo doesn’t choose to apply the policy in a way that reverses trends that have made it easier for the disabled to earn a living.

For more information about the ban, click here.