ALERT: Changes to Ohio Law Shortens Deadline for Filing Employment Discrimination Claims

In January, Ohio passed a new law known as the Employment Law Uniformity Act. This law makes important changes to Chapter 4112, Ohio’s statute that outlaws employment discrimination. The new law makes several changes including shortening the time in which an employee can bring a workplace discrimination action from six years to two years. These changes go into effect on APRIL 13, 2021.

Under current law, a worker who has been discriminated against because of race, gender, disability, or other kinds of illegal discrimination (except for age), usually has up to six years from the time of the discrimination to file a lawsuit. Once this new law goes into effect on April 13, 2021, workers will be required to go through an administrative process before they can bring a lawsuit, and all discrimination claims must be filed within two years, rather than within the six-year limit that applies to most claims under current law.

Failing to file within the right time limits can mean a worker loses their claim. Any worker who thinks they may have a workplace discrimination claim should consult an attorney right away to make sure they can protect their rights. The employment attorneys at FMR work hard to keep up to date on changes in the law and are here to help.