Young Workforce Subject To Pervasive Sexual Harassment At Chipotle

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Jon Allison’s Monday Blog

A lawsuit filed last week alleges a female manager at a Chipotle Restaurant in San Jose, California sexually harassed her employees and retaliated against a young male employee who complained about the harassment.  The manager regularly discussed her own sex life and required her subordinates to tell her of theirs.  She posted a “sex scoreboard” on a daily basis recording the daily sex lives of her subordinates.  She slapped, groped and grabbed at least one young male employee.  She also requested sex with him, asked to watch him have sex with his girlfriend and asked to engage in a “threesome.”  This employee complained to upper management, but then he suffered retaliation.  The manager told other employees not to speak to him and locked him in a freezer.  Ultimately the young male employee resigned.  This was his first job.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed suit on his behalf.  Companies with a lot of younger workers and first time job holders should be particularly vigilant in making sure the workplace is free from sexual harassment and other forms of harassment as these workers are likely to be more vulnerable than those who have established themselves in the workforce and have more familiarity with appropriate workplace behavior as well as workplace policies.

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