A Former Employee of Airtron Wins $655,000

Man smilingA unanimous jury in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court has awarded $655,000 to a former Senior Vice President of Airtron.

Stephen Becker, the Senior Vice President of Airtron, was fired in May, 2016 and denied severance pay under his employment contract. The company claimed that Mr. Becker was terminated for cause after he poked an employee in the chest during a counseling session. Mr. Becker had discovered that the employee had committed multiple safety violations.

Mr. Becker claimed that he was fired without cause and that he was entitled to two years of pay and benefits pursuant to his employment contract. 

After three and one-half days of trial, the jury deliberated for five hours before returning a verdict. The jury concluded that Airtron violated Mr. Becker’s employment contract in bad faith.

As a result of the jury verdict, Airtron’s parent company, Direct Energy, is required to pay Mr. Becker’s attorneys fees as well.

Mr. Becker was represented by Jeffrey Silverstein and Randy Freking of Freking Myers & Reul.