Physical Attractiveness And Class Performance

man smilingYour looks influence the grades you receive unless you take an online course.  Those are the findings of researchers at the Metropolitan State University of Denver.  They looked at records of tens of thousands of college students.  They grouped the students by ACT scores and then compared their grades and their physical attractiveness which was rated by looking at student ID cards.  They found that the women rated least attractive received significantly lower grades than their peers.  The women rated most attractive received higher grades and male teachers were more likely than female teachers to give higher grades to better-looking female students. However, when these same students took online courses the grade disparity disappeared.  There are numerous studies that show there are advantages to being good-looking in various aspects of life, including in employment.  This study serves as yet another reminder that people need to be mindful of their own internal biases and how those biases impact their views and their decision-making.  This nprEd post goes into more detail.